NewP@ss Project


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NewP@ss is a CATRENE project.


Project reference: CA206


Duration: 01-07-2012 to 30-06-2015



PMB Contact

Jean-Pierre Tual (Project Coordinator)

[Gemalto, France]


PTB Contacts

Michael Guerassimo (Technical Manager)

[Gemalto, France]

Bruno Rouchouze

[Gemalto, France]



José C. Ribeiro (4TELL Research Group)

[Inst. de Telecomunicações, Portugal]





The NewP@ss project


The NewP@ss project targets the development of advanced (microelectronics and embedded SW) secure platforms suitable for the coming of the Third and Fourth  e-Passport generation currently under discussion at the ICAO (hence usable and recognized as approved travel document at European and International level), but which could also be used for hosting dedicated e-services applications of both government (e.g electronic visa) and/or private nature (boarding ticket support, airline services,..).


These new e-passport technologies will be introduced from 2015 to 2020 and represent a complete shift of paradigm which will be demonstrated in the project both through innovative and sometimes disruptive technology concepts (high-speed interface, multi-applicative embedded SW platform, on-card components (display, keypad,..), mobile and low cost readers but also use cases showing a large scope of new possible functionality (including in an international European airport).


15 partners from 5 Eureka countries are working on the project concept and realization, which will also address interoperability at application level, testability tooling and proactive input to world standardization.